We ate whale – exhibition 2011

CCA Kitakyushu Research Program – Ogura Galery

November 19 – 23, 2011


“We’ve done it all children and there’s nothing left to do” … and then it came out like the plea from that Nam film: “Kill me”… but we were too busy cooking to hear…

My fair Marcelle, Take a guess, is it too much of a leap You will see it doesn’t get  any clearer after you cross that line You know the green that’s the field where we toss the spirits and the plastics.

It’s a compound and is never made for less than ten Mostly it’s about the milk and the cream on top, see it separating

Everything was divided into little sections: rice, mackerel, cucumber, pork; nothing touching. I was impressed

Who’s your scapegoat, she says. and i thought no more cellphones for them, you can chase them all you want they will always be with us eager eagles eerie ear on the back of the whipping boy

They said we were like M.J on a good day but without the tunes ­ a white handkerchief-smile without a cat

He kept the heads, the bones and the livers. Is it bouillabaisse or borscht Just hot seawater

When I split open for the first time I nearly bought everything from the frozen aisle

It is then fair to ask if what’s feeding you is also eating the whale.

He said he divided his time between easyjet and onsen. “Sounds like my kinda thing” we all said at once.

Thanks, but we all ate Whale already. “There’s nothing you can do once you’ve Eden it all. Ha ! She always laughed at his own jokes

you see dear Marcelle if only you were to see through the mussels, put on your museum cap It was about the eagles the form and the codes. What a nice box you have, put a chair in there and sit on it i don’t think so

“I’m going to Red Cabbage, do you want anything?” I was mesmerized by his diction her smooth delivery…though on reflection I was disappointed by the content.

Sometimes a color is just a color. and these are objects you see the pictures they do not hang actually there is no wall. It’s just the blood from the hare is covering your face.

1 & 2. Conspiracy to commit public nudity – Humberto Duque


3. Untitled (Room) – Natsuko Uchino

4 – 10. Black and Yellow 1-5, Untitled, Aretha, Sing One for Me – Kazimierz Jankowski

11. Mirror – Mineo Kato

12. Untitled– Natsuko Uchino

13. Mirror – Mineo Kato

11. Gravity City – Isabelle Daëron

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