Isabelle Daëron – France

Isabelle Daëron, born in 1983 is a designer based in Paris. Her work questions what it means to inhabit a place today. In 2009, a thesis on “Habitability” led her to design a series of urban objects called Topique. A topique is a typology for an autonomous object that is disconnected from network and connected to the place. As an independent designer, she works with Bureau des Mésarchitectures, Cité du Design of Saint-Étienne, CHU of Strasbourg.

Humberto Duque – Mexico

Humberto Duque, born 1978 is an artist based in Mexico City. These are a few things related to his work. They’re not laid out in order of importance, or chronological sequence: Multiplicity and mathematics/Architecture/ Baseball/Science fiction/ Broken landscapes/ Repetition/Language.

Kazimierz Jankowski – United Kingdom

Kazimierz Jankowski, born 1981 in London is an interdisciplinary artist based in the UK.

Mineo Kato – Japan

Mineo Kato, born 1981 in Hiroshima, is a sculptor practicing in Japan. Through a number of sculptural media, he principally investigates various modes of transactions in equilibrium at which Homo-Sapiens synchronously differentiates and equalize to its existing environment.

Natsuko Uchino – Japan

Natsuko Uchino, born in 1983 in Kumamoto, Japan,  interdisciplinary artist. After completing studies in fine arts, she worked as a farmer, ceramicist and filmmaker in the Hudson Valley. Her work has been presented in art shows, public markets, skill shares, workshops, meals, the great outdoors and the streets.

Yohei Shimada – Japan

Yohei Shimada, born in  1976 in Yahata, Japan, is an architect based in Tokyo.


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